Destiny is an online first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and released worldwide on September 9, 2014. It marked Bungie's first new console franchise since the Halo series.

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Character | YouTuber

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Finding Nemo

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May 16, 1998

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United States

Destiny is a cherished character in the Destiny video game series, making her debut in Destiny 2, which was launched in 2017. The game, an online first-person shooter, was developed by Bungie and published by Activision. Set in a sci-fi universe, players take on the role of Guardians, defenders of Earth’s last safe city. Destiny 2 is known for its engaging storyline, immersive gameplay, and extensive multiplayer world.

Destiny has also featured in various expansions and updates, such as “Forsaken” and “Beyond Light.” She is admired for her strong, determined personality and remarkable combat abilities, making her a symbol of the Guardians’ resilience and courage.

Other prominent characters in Destiny 2 include Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard who plays a vital role in decision-making, and Cayde-6, a beloved Exo character recognized for his wit and charm. Lord Shaxx, an enigmatic character associated with the Vanguard, is also highly esteemed by players.

Destiny 2 has received acclaim for its captivating gameplay, impressive visuals, and ongoing updates and expansions. Since its 2017 release, it has become one of the most popular multiplayer games, with a growing fanbase eagerly awaiting new content and adventures in the Destiny universe.

An intriguing fact about Destiny is that it is Bungie’s first new console franchise since the Halo series. Released globally on September 9, 2014, it marked the beginning of a ten-year agreement between Bungie and Activision.